Whether you’ve come here from Twitter, Facebook or if you’re a friend, previous author or customer who’s come through a personal invitation, welcome!

As many of you know, I’ve worked for Blushing Publications for over 12 years now.  I’ve helped Bethany (the owner of Blushing Books) do a little of everything from customer service and web design to site updates, book editing and publishing books to our partner websites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.).  I’ve watched (and helped) it grow from a small website selling memberships to become one of the largest publishers of romance books on the Net.

When I approached Bethany recently and told her I was interested in starting my own site selling science fiction (along with fantasy & horror) books, I was hoping she’d be as enthusiastic as I to expand the business and go after an entirely new group of writers and customers.  Luckily, she was, and today we launched MysticBooks.com.

Joining me in starting Mystic Books is Victoria.  Victoria is one of Bethany’s earliest authors and is now the Editor in Chief of Blushing Books.  Not only can she write a steamy romance novel, but she’s a true sci-fi fan and really knows her stuff in the genre.  She’s also a die-hard “Whovian” (Dr. Who fan).  Victoria will be helping me in finding new writing talent and bringing them into the Mystic Books family.  I’m very excited to have her help!

If you’re one of our previous/current romance authors I hope you’ll decide to work with us and publish something new with us here at Mystic Books.  And, if you’re a reader or customer just finding us for the first time, I hope you’ll bookmark this site and come back soon.  We’ve got a lot of exciting things planned and we hope to do with science fiction what we’ve already done with romance and erotic eBooks.